This free informational site explains how you can purchase/invest in off-the-shelf, proven high efficiency technologies that wipe out your fossil fuel use.

“Net Zero” refers to a building generating as much or more energy than it uses. This site shows why reaching net zero can be easy to do and a good investment.


Above is a screenshot of our recent utility bill. Previously we used about the same average amount of natural gas as other people in our typical California suburban house. But now, by adopting off-the-shelf technology, our natural gas use has dropped to nearly nothing. Last month, while other similar houses used sixty four therms of natural gas, we used three. Also, we previously drove two vehicles that got 18 and 24 mpg respectively. Now we have an EV and a plug In hybrid car. We get about 280 miles out of every gallon of gas we purchase (driving about 1500 miles/month). When other people follow this path (seems inevitable doesn’t it?), the fossil fuel companies will start making solar panels. Besides the four basic steps shown in the masthead illustration above that drastically reduce natural gas and other fossil fuel use, there are some other “minor” steps that drive your natural gas use down even further. The solution, in a nutshell, is to install as much solar as you can, then power your cars and all your home heating/cooling/appliances with electricity from the solar.  I talk about the readily available technology to do this in these pages. There are some simple and inexpensive ways to get big fossil fuel energy reductions. With solar panels, the panels themselves and all the appliances  should pay for themselves within eight to ten years. Where else can you get a 10-12 percent return on your investment that becomes a continous unhindered revenue stream within a decade?

Let me tell you what the result has been for us. I calculate that our total household energy consumption for all utilities (electricity and natural gas), and gasoline use for a total of 10,500 miles per year (electric car use), has been reduced to about 20 percent of the amount used by other households of our size that drive an equal distance as us each year. Note that an average household in our area that drives the same number of miles as us with a gas car uses nearly 36,000 kWH of energy from all sources whereas our current use is about 7000 kWH from all sources. This means that our  energy use, including driving our electric car (s), has been reduced by more than 75% by adopting the technologies I describe on this website. I don’t sell you anything here. I just provide free information about how to take advantage of this technology. I highlight a few great products like the “Instant Pot” but no one pays me anything to do this.

I’m still averaging the cost of operating our new plug in Prius against the cost of an average gas consuming car. I still haven’t averaged its gas consumption over the course of a year. But I’m confident that the total energy used by our household, including gasoline consumption, will be about 70 percent less than a typical household like ours that drives two average mileage cars .

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