CA Climate Summit Adds Robyn Beavers to High Profile Speaker Agenda


The Oct 23 Petaluma, CA symposium entitled “Business of Local Energy” has improved on an already impressive speaker list with the addition of Robyn Beavers of NRG Energy, a high profile player in the Green Energy economy.

Robyn started her career off as an energy efficiency consultant and then joined Google in 2004 as a direct report to the co-founders to help support on strategic initiatives as they took the company public. With the founders’ support, Robyn went on to found Google’s Green Business and Operations Strategy Group, the first business unit focused on sustainability strategy at the company. During her 3 years in this role, she spearheaded the approval and installation of the 1.7 MW solar PV project on the rooftops of the Mountain View HQ, created progressive green building guidelines for global Google offices, kick-started the corporation’s renewable energy project finance strategy, and served as a sustainability advisor on Google products. In 2008, she returned to Stanford for graduate school, during which she served as a Recovery Act Fellow for the Department of Energy in 2009. Robyn has since lived in Denmark, where she helped create a global NGO called WindMade on behalf of Vestas Wind Systems, and also served as Director of Commercialization for Distributed Power & Water products for Dean Kamen’s DEKA research. In 2013, Robyn joined NRG Energy to create the Station A Group, an internal innovation team focused on advancing microgrid strategy for NRG.

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