Out of Sight but not Out of Mind? – Nano Scale Vehicle Pollution Underlies Damaged Brains? #EV #COP21 #Solar


Researchers at Lancaster University in the UK have determined that large amounts of nano-sized vehicle pollution, composed largely of iron “magnetite’ particles, can accumulate in the human brain and are linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have known for decades that magnetites and other nano sized metallic particles can give rise to cascading free radicals linked to neurological degeneration. But researchers expressed shock at the “abundant” quantities of magnetite particles in the brain that apparently enter the brain through the olfactory bulb (the sinuses).

All actions have consequences, and it appears that the consequences of burning fossil fuels are particularly horrific not just for ecosystems and for human societies, but for human health, on a variety of levels, as well. At one of the smallest such levels, the level of nano sized particles, the consequences of burning fossil fuels may be particularly worrisome.

The rise of various neurological disorders in recent decades, especially the incidence of Alzheimers Disease, has gone largely unexplained. The evidence uncovered by Lancaster University researchers opens the door to understanding that fossil fuel combustion, previously little considered, may be a major factor.

Link to Guardian Newspaper Report on Lancaster University research.

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