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Congress’s Rescinding of Methane Emission Controls Will Be Huge Setback in Fight Against Climate Change #COP22


Republicans in Congress are rushing to provide the oil and gas industry with nearly unrestricted freedom to vent fugitive methane emissions into the atmosphere in what may be one of the most catastrophic environment related measures to emerge from the new Trump directed Congress. The method will be by using an arcane rule that will repeal restrictions on methane emissions put in place by the Obama Administration. According to climate scientists, methane emissions from the use of natural gas is a critical part of the  threat to life on earth resulting from climate change. Thus, natural gas development is not a bridge to a cleaner fuel future, but a bridge to nowhere, according to this view.  A letter by leading climate scientists to the Obama Administration explained the little understood nature of this threat, leading to recent enactment of restrictions on methane fugitive natural gas emissions (natural gas is composed of about 86% methane). Now Republicans intend to rescind those regulations.

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