During the last few years the energy efficiency of new appliances has improved markedly. This has resulted in a net drop of appliance energy use back to levels last seen in the year 2001. New washers and dryers are much better than before, and refrigerators have also improved dramatically. New washers spin clothes faster than before, getting rid of more moisture and reducing the time needed for drying. Dryers are more efficiently designed. The result is that new washer and dryer combinations offer a big leap forward in efficiency. Most washer/dryer combinations, even if not in the very top of efficiency tests, are still far more efficient than former models. This website recommends that whenever possible, you should hang clothes outside (nice portable clothesline racks cost about $60). Maybe just use the dryer for de-wrinkling.


New, automated pressure cookers make cooking many foods easier, faster, and less expensive all while saving a lot of electricity and natural gas. Typical of such automated cookers is one called an “Instant Pot ®” by its Canadian manufacturer. This device goes far beyond the utility of a rice cooker, traditional pressure cooker, or slow cooker. With one button automation for many things, it provides a wide range of easy ways to cook soups, stews, grains (including rice), and it even has saute, steam, and yoghurt settings. The device can be used to make everything from oatmeal to dal. Retire your pressure cooker or rice cooker for the convenience and safety of this new technology! Products like the Instant Pot provide the great efficiency of a pressure cooker with the safety and ease of automation. Check out their website at this address and watch the video:

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